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Reduce anxiety in our body & mind

Breathing techniques and exercises

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Breathing to reduce anxiety and overwhelm

Understand how our body reacts to anxiety, and how that affects various processes. Learn to tap into what your body is telling you. Learn several techniques for calming your body, which calms the mind. Create habits to help yourself in any situation.

What's included?

Anyone who wants to break into the world of teaching Hatha Yoga or improve upon their current offerings will benefit from this course.

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Meet the instructor

How I was inspired to start and teach yoga

Hi, I'm Lora and I teach yoga at Yoga Harmony Studio. Despite growing up in Spain, I moved to Ireland in 2016! It is my passion and aim to teach a Hatha Yoga focusing on the anatomy of the body, mind, and spirit. My first yoga training was at the age of 10, I took my first YTT at the age of 15, and I cannot imagine living without it!
Teaching and practicing yoga is my way of expressing my creativity.

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