Donnie Maclean

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Donnie has always been driven by helping people to have a positive experience of their life, and helping those who have found themselves in difficulty.  

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Credibility in the Breathwork world

Our founder has been trained and certified by the world's leading experts in breathing science, physiology and practice.

Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, with Patrick McKeown

Certified in Breathing Science, with Dr Peter Litchfield

Certified in "Breath as Medicine", with Ed Harrold

Completed "Breathwork Fundamentals", with Dan Brulé

Certified Breath Coach from Breath Masters, with Brian Kelly

Diploma in Corporate Wellness Coaching

Diploma in Children & Young Peoples' Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health
First Aid

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Sara Bujabesa

Sara is a Colombian yoga teacher who decided to not take a traditional job to pursue her biggest passion: yoga. She keeps a diary of her journey on her Instagram account @harmony_yyoga. Visit her lifestyle blog and get inspired!

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