Breath for Heroes

Those of us in the Emergency Services have a very challenging role.  We have to perform as effectively as possible, even while the situation could be potentially traumatic.

This course helps you by giving you tools and techniques to arrive on scene calm, focused and effective. 

We also guide you on how to process what you've experienced, so that we can substantially reduce the chances of PTSD.
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Breathing to help Firefighters, Paramedics, Police, Lifeboat Crew, Military, A&E Teams

Key Benefits

Why take this course?

Take control of your mental state

  • Learn how breathing can very quickly change your state of mind from anxious to calm, or from brain-fog to focused.
  • Learn to use cues from your body, and what to do

Perform your tasks with clarity

+ Have confidence that you will be able to perform to the best of your ability when the situation is very challenging 

Pre-task, On-task and Post Task

+ Learn how to change your breathing (and mental state) by choosing the appropriate techniques for each stage of the operation.
+ How, and when, to switch techniques.

Reduce the impact of mental trauma

We are often faced with situations which are intense, fraught and sometimes traumatic for various reasons. We all deal with that differently.
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